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My Online Services


I can offer a variety of readings through tarot, oracle, connecting to your higher self, spirit guides, ancestors, and spirits. You can ask a question or simply let the spirits speak for some guidance and support. 


I am a certified reiki master in about 6 different types, however, I work directly with spirit to do my energy work and let your spiritual team guide me or we can work specifically on cutting cords and aura cleanses or boosts. 


Shadow work consists of diving deep within to find the pieces of yourself that you may not even know are hidden or you have rejected, denied or refused to bring to the surface to feel, see, hear and love. We form a relationship with the pieces you once hated and show them the love they seek and need from within. 


I offer a variety of different charts however I focus more on the chart as a self discovery tool. I use Human Design to help you with your own energy and how to better utilize your energy to optimize your well being. 


This is the record of your soul and offers a window into your past lives or window into your soul and your journey. Your spiritual team guides me and the record keepers light the way. 


Here is where we discover your past lives. I work with your spiritual team to discover patterns that have been brought into this life time to heal from your past lives. 

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